When you are on or planning your vacation, most people’s first thought isn’t about packing and shipping services. You’re more likely thinking about the awesome sites to see, the warm sand on the beach, and all the great fun you’ll be having. But, did you know that packing and shipping services can make your vacation even better? Maybe not in a flashy fun way, but in an unsung vacation hero sort of way. In today’s blog post from Mail Call in Santa Fe, we take a closer look at how our local packing and shipping service can help make your Santa Fe vacation even better!

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Reclaim Suitcase Space

One of the biggest advantages of a pack and ship service during vacation is that you can reclaim your suitcase space. A big part of the fun for many people on vacation is the opportunity to shop! You can shop for yourselves, shop for souvenirs, shop for gifts for the family, shop for awesome clothing, and more. But the problem is that even if you brought an extra-large suitcase and left the room to bring things back, you are still limiting your shopping to what you can fit in your suitcase. That immediately rules out things like artwork, pottery, rugs, and other beautiful local goods that Santa Fe has to offer. With a packing and shipping service like Mail Call, though, you don’t have to worry about shopping around suitcase real estate. You can simply get what you’d like and have us pack and ship your items wherever they need to go — whether it be in the U.S. or international shipping. So now next time you go to Santa Fe, you can breathe easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about cramming things you bought in a suitcase for the trip home.

Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

Piggybacking off being able to reclaim your suitcase space, using a packing and shipping service on your vacation can also help you maximize your trip to Santa Fe. Because you are no longer limited to shopping for a few small items, you are free to shop until your heart’s content. Love a painting you found from a local vendor? No problem. Have the perfect cultured piece of pottery that you want to give to your nephew? Go for it! When you use a pack and ship to help you safely get your items where they need to go, you are giving yourself freedom and the power to say yes to more of what you want. With Mail Call in Santa Fe, this can be your best trip to Santa Fe yet.

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Show You Care

While you are on vacation, one of the most thoughtful things you can do for someone is show that you were thinking about them and pick them up something thoughtful. Even the smallest, seemingly mundane trinkets can help to show someone that you care and that they were on your mind. With smaller items, this is never a problem because they can usually fit into a backpack, suitcase, or pocket on the journey home. But what if you want to send something that doesn’t easily fit in a bag? Or what if the person you want to send it to lives far away from you? Mail Call, your Santa Fe pack and ship, is the answer. We can ensure that items of any size make it quickly and safely to whomever you’d like them to be sent to. You can send some tasteful local jewelry to your favorite cousin across the country or perhaps gift your son stunning artwork with ease.

Protect Your Belongings

One of the worst things that can happen after you’ve found something you love on vacation is having it break or be ruined on the trip home. This happens all too often and can easily be avoided by using packing and shipping services like Mail Call in Santa Fe. When you need to make sure that your item makes it home safely and efficiently, there is no better way to ensure its safety other than using Mail Call for your shipping services. No need to worry about things getting crushed in your suitcase from being jammed in too tight, airport employees mishandling your luggage, or any other incidents that can happen between vacation and home.

Ship Perishables

Last but certainly not least, some packing and shipping services offer climate-controlled options. This gives you the ability to ship perishable items like food items that would otherwise melt during transportation, flowers, and more. Before while they were on vacation in Santa Fe, some people would choose to avoid buying things like cake and other perishable food items because they could not be brought home without spoiling. But with Mail Call, you have more freedom to shop and gift how you please.

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Mail Call in Santa Fe

It’s clear to see that vacationing in Santa Fe just got a whole lot better! You can pack without worrying about space for goodies, vacation the way you want to, show your loved ones you care, secure your item’s make it safely, ship perishables, and much more. Get the most out of your vacation to Santa Fe with Mail Call.