Frequently Asked Questions


We require a three-month rental payment along with a $10 setup fee to start your mailbox rental. 1, 3, 6 and 12 month terms are available. If you choose a 12-month term, we apply a discount of $2 off of your rent per month!

Our prices are:

S Box: $24.00 per month
M Box: $27.00 per month
L Box: $32.00 per month

What Do I Need To Set Up A Mailbox Account?

We recommend that you come into Mail Call in Santa Fe to complete the application process.

Please bring two forms of ID for yourself and each adult receiving mail to your box. At least one ID must have a photo such as a Driver’s license, a State ID card, or a Passport.

Acceptable IDs include:

Valid driver’s license or state nondriver’s ID card.
Military, government, university, or recognized corporate ID.
Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization.
Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust.
Voter or vehicle registration card.
Home, vehicle, or health insurance policy.

We are not permitted to use credit cards, birth certificates or social security cards as a form of identification.

What Happens When I Receive A Package?

When we receive a package for you, Mail Call logs it into our system. Once this process is complete, we will notify you by email or text that your item is ready for pick-up. You have the option to pick your parcel up anytime during our business hours.

When Do I Have Access To My Mailbox?

With your personal entry code, you will have safe and secure access to your mailbox 24-hours a day. We have around-the-clock surveillance and our mailbox center is only accessible to Mail Call’s staff and our mailbox holders. So rest assured, you and your mail will be secure.

What Kind Of Address Will I Have With My Account?

You will have a physical address with your mailbox rental. We do not issue PO box addresses. You will be able to use your personal and or business address to receive and ship mail and packages from every major carrier.

What Happens If I Am Receiving A Package That Needs To Be Temperature Stable?

No need to worry, Mail Call has refrigerator and freezer storage for parcels that require special care. We do ask that you please come to collect perishable shipments within 24 hours.

Out Of Town Mailbox Applicant?

If you are unable to come in to open a mailbox with us, please feel free to send us an email at or call us at 505-988-2522 for further inquiries.