Summertime is finally here! The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and vacations are ready to be had. If you are planning a trip to Santa Fe, or if you live in Santa Fe and want some ideas for something fun to do, then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s blog at Mail Call Santa Fe is all about the fun activities that you can participate in this summer! Whether you’re a local looking to have some fun or a visitor looking to make the most out of your trip, keep reading to see some of the many options available to you. And don’t forget to take advantage of our pack and ship services to save space and safely mail your precious items back home.

Enjoy Some Live Music

One of the things that makes summer in Santa Fe so great is all of the live music. From June to August, you can enjoy live music in Santa Fe’s historic plaza absolutely free. Simply walk up and enjoy the music! It’s all a part of Santa Fe Bandstand that features a wide variety of musicians across multiple genres of music. It’s a great time on your own or for the entire family!

There are also other live music opportunities such as Music on the Hill that you can find on Wednesday evenings in June and July. This is also a free event and it’s located just a few miles from downtown. And of course, you can always visit the Santa Fe Opera house if there is a show going on while you are in town. Summer really is the perfect time to be in Santa Fe if you enjoy live music!

Cool Off in a Museum

While it can be great spending time outdoors, it’s no secret that Santa Fe can get a little toasty. If you are in need of a little reprieve during the hottest hours of the day, you could take a visit to one of the many museums! There’s the infamous Georgia O’ Keefe Museum, Meow Wolf, New Mexico Museum of Art, and many other spectacular museums where you can indulge in the local culture and history. Museums may not sound quite as appealing as live music to some people, but trust us, they are definitely worth seeing at least once. Plus, you get to beat the heat, see some interesting things, and maybe even pick up a souvenir for a loved one and use our pack and ship to send it to them — it’s a win-win.

ART Santa Fe Contemporary Art and Design Fair

The ART Santa Fe Contemporary Art and Design Fair is an absolutely amazing opportunity for next summer. However, it’s worth noting that this event is only three days long. Opening night is Friday, July 15th (2022) and it runs through Sunday, July 17th (2022). This is an international art fair where you’ll see the newest, boldest, and most influential art pieces of the modern age.


HIPICO is a world-class equestrian facility that regularly hosts local, national, and international events. You can check their page here for their upcoming events. Coming up this summer, they have the SFDA Dressage event, Training Sessions, the Great American/USDF Region 5 & RMDS Championship and Open Show, and more! One of their biggest attractions is their Santa Fe Summer series, which will start up again next summer due to COVID-19 challenges.

Hike or Stroll

In the mornings and the evenings when it’s not too warm, there are tons of opportunities to hike or take a leisurely stroll. For hikers, you can check out the Dale Ball Trail for a longer hike or the Monte Sol hike for a quicker experience. Or, if hiking isn’t quite your thing but you’d love to take an outdoor stroll, try the River Trail! It’s a paved trail in town where you can enjoy beautiful views while walking along the water. Plus, there are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic if you are so inclined.

Make This Trip Even Better With Mail Call Santa Fe

Summertime in Santa Fe is one of our pack and ship’s favorite times of the year. We hope that we’ve given you some great ideas for your time here in Santa Fe and can’t wait to work with you and hear all about it. Next time you’re in Santa Fe, be sure to try out some of the activities above and stop by our pack and ship, Mail Call Santa Fe, to make your vacation even better.