Here at Mail Call in Santa Fe, we are a local packing and shipping company that has been serving the Santa Fe area for more than 30 years. It may surprise you to know, though, that a lot of our business actually comes from those visiting the Santa Fe area. People traveling to Santa Fe from all over the world are realizing how much easier your vacation can really be when you utilize a packing and shipping company! In today’s blog, we go over three different ways that our packing and shipping team here at Mail Call can make your visit to Santa Fe easier and more enjoyable!


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More Room in Your Suitcase

One of the biggest reasons that people visiting Santa Fe love our packing and shipping services is because of all the room it can save you in your suitcase! Think about it, when most people pack, they completely and totally max out the capabilities of their suitcase. Which is fine, in fact, we encourage that — we wouldn’t want you forgetting anything. But, the problem with maxed out luggage is that there is no room for fun extras. No vacation is complete without a fun T-shirt to remember the trip by, a souvenir for grandma, and other great trinkets to help you commemorate your trip! So, what can you do when your suitcase is about to burst as it without even fitting in your fun trip memorabilia? You let our team at Mail Call take care of everything for you! 


At Mail Call in Santa Fe, we work with a number of carriers to get you the best rates and the most convenient features like package tracking, first-class delivery, and more. So when it’s time to head home and there is no extra room for all your Santa Fe goodies, let us ship your belongings back to your home safe and sound. Heck, they might even arrive back home before you do!


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Gifts for Family and Friends

Another way that our team at Mail Call in Santa Fe can make your vacation experience more enjoyable is by shipping your gifts to your relatives for you! Whether your relative lives a block away from your home, or in another country entirely, we’ve got you covered. We make sure that your thoughtful gifts, postcards, and souvenirs make it to your loved one quickly and safely. This saves you time and gives you more valuable packing space for your own take-home goodies.


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Protect Your Valuable Items

We’ve all had it happen. TSA randomly decides to check your luggage and everything gets put back in a less-than-ideal way. Or maybe your bag doesn’t get checked, but your luggage gets chucked on and off the airplane like a sack of potatoes. While this might not be everyone’s experience, it is definitely not uncommon. When you have delicate cargo packed away in your suitcase, the last thing you want is for it to get tossed back in willy-nilly or thoughtlessly tossed onto an airport cart. Or, heaven forbid your luggage gets lost with your valuable item inside! 


With Mail Call in Santa Fe, you can forego the entire anxiety-inducing situation by simply taking advantage of our safe and secure packing and shipping services. It’s the only surefire way to make sure that your valuable items make it back from Santa Fe completely safe, undamaged, and with zero issues.

Trust Mail Call in Santa Fe

At Mail Call in Santa Fe, we save a lot of visitors and locals headache and heartache. Next time you are visiting the Santa Fe area, get the most out of your vacation by letting our team at Mail Call take care of all of your packing and shipping needs. No fuss or hassle, just simple, safe, and affordable mail services. Stop by today to learn more and get started!