If you are ever presented with the opportunity to choose between a local pack and ship, the post office, or huge international mail service, we recommend always choosing the local pack and ship. There are a few distinct advantages and benefits you gain from working with your neighborhood pack and ship. In today’s blog at Mail Call, we dive into a few reasons why you should choose a pack and ship, like us, for all of your packaging and shipping needs in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas!

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We Never Stop Working For You

First and foremost, one of the biggest perks of working with local pack and ship stores is that we never stop working for you. We spend countless hours researching, learning, and working hard to ensure that we find you the best possible mail services at the best possible prices. We are partnered with every major carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, and UPS) and are constantly shopping and researching the ins and outs of their services. When we keep up to date with each service’s nuances and offerings, we can make educated and professional recommendations that meet your personal needs.

Packing and Shipping Simplified

At Mail Call in Santa Fe, one of our highest priorities as a local pack and ship is to make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We understand that it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you walk in and see all of the options and rules at the post office or other stores. That’s why we make every effort to make things easy for you. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll provide you with our professional recommendation in clear and concise terms — no hassle, no fuss.

Less Waiting, More Mailing

Sometimes, when you walk into a FedEx, UPS, the post office, or other mail services retailer, you can end up waiting for what feels like forever. It always seems like these types of stores are always crowded and the lines move unbelievably slow. Fortunately, that is never your experience when you use Mail Call as your Santa Fe packing and shipping service. We make sure that we employ well-trained and efficient pack and ship professionals. This means that when you walk into a packing and shipping store like Mail Call, your wait will be much shorter — if you even have a wait at all.

We Go the Extra Mile

While we can’t speak for all pack and ship businesses, we can say that our team at Mail Call in Santa Fe goes the extra mile. What do we mean by that? Going the extra mile for us means doing the little things that make a big difference. We are careful to verify the address of every address before we ship. We help you track and make every effort to ensure your package gets delivered exactly where it needs to be as soon as possible. We even make sure to double-check all of our work carefully. At Mail Call, we understand that your items are very important to you and whomever you are sending them to. That’s why we do our best to go the extra mile and provide the best packing and shipping services in Santa Fe.

Another part of going the extra mile is providing top-of-the-line, personable customer service. When you work with Mail Call, you are working with active members of your very own Santa Fe community. We are your neighbors, friends, and community members! We do our best to be as friendly as possible, carefully listen to your specific needs, and treat you as a unique individual.

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Santa Fe Pack and Ship

When you work with a local packing and shipping company, you can trust that you will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. You won’t have to wait nearly as long as you might at other venues like the post office and big chain mail services. And nobody will work harder for you than your local pack and ship team at Mail Call. So next time you have the option to choose between your local pack and ship, the post office, or a big brand, choose Mail Call in Santa Fe!