One of our most popular services at Mail Call for our Santa Fe residents are mailbox rentals. In some cases, people who already have a place to receive mail choose to use our mail services. But what makes our mailbox rental services better than a traditional mailbox? In today’s blog here at Mail Call in Santa Fe, we go over a few of the main perks of using our mailbox rental services.



Many people find that our mail services are actually quite affordable. We offer three different sizes of mailbox rentals at different rates. There is a small startup fee that consists of three months’ payment and $10 upfront. From then on, the small box runs $19 per month, the medium box runs $21 per month, and the large box is $25 per month. Additionally, when you choose to rent your mail services for 12 months or longer, you receive an additional $2 off per month.


For those who don’t have regular access to a mailbox, people who are relocating, world travelers, and more, our mail services are an affordable and convenient way to receive mail from anywhere in the world.

24-Hour Secure Access

When you use our mailbox rental services at Mail Call in Santa Fe, you’ll have access to your mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No need to wait for our standard hours of operation. We respect your schedule and realize that you may only be able to retrieve your mail in specific windows of time. We want to make sure you have the freedom to collect your mail and packages at your convenience instead of someone else’s. 


Want 24-hour access to secure and affordable mail services? Reach out to our team at Mail Call in Santa Fe to start your mailbox rental services. 

Get a Physical Address

Contrary to popular belief, our mail services are not a PO box. With our mailbox rental services at Mail Call, you’ll have a physical Santa Fe address where you can receive letters, packages, and any other mail that you could typically receive at a residence. Only instead of sitting out in the open on your doorstep, it will be protected at our mailbox rental location. 


Our mail services are a cut above the rest because we send you real-time notifications when you have a package waiting for you. No need to keep checking if the package you’ve been waiting for has arrived, simply ask us to set up email and or text message notifications. This way. you’ll be alerted right away when your mail is ready to be picked up. And since you have 24-hour access to your mailbox rental, after you are notified, you can pick up your mail at your earliest convenience. 

Refrigerator and Freezer Storage

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of our mail services over a traditional mailbox is that we offer refrigerator and freezer storage. If you have a package that needs to be kept refrigerated or frozen, no need to sweat it! Our team at Mail Call in Santa Fe will make sure that your package has all of its special needs and accommodations taken care of.


Ready to start your mail services at Mail Call in Santa Fe? Learn more and start your mailbox rental service here.


With Mail Call in Santa Fe, peace of mind is included. We know that people work busy schedules and can’t always be there to receive packages and important mail. We take care of everything for you by receiving your package and keeping it safe for you. Nobody else will have access to your mailbox unless you allow it. No more stressing about the package getting stolen from your porch in your neighborhood. 

Mail Call Santa Fe

At Mail Call, we do everything we can to make your experience as easy as possible. That’s why we offer great perks like 24-hour access, a physical address, text and email notifications, refrigerator storage, high security, and more. Don’t settle for standard mail services. Get the mailbox service you deserve through our mailbox rentals at Mail Call in Santa Fe. Learn more by visiting our mailbox rental page or contacting us directly.