At Mail Call in Santa Fe, we offer freezer and refrigerator storage for your temperature-sensitive packages and parcels. Many people don’t even know they have an option to ship temperature-sensitive items, let alone that our mail services at Mail Call can accommodate them. In today’s blog, we talk about common items that are shipped and stored in freezer and refrigerator storage. Next time you are expecting a package or parcel that requires special temperature care, work with our team at Mail Call in Santa Fe to get the help you need.

How It’s Done

Before we dive into the different items that are commonly cold shipped and stored in our refrigerator and freezer storage, it helps to know how temperature-controlled shipping is done. In most cases, it’s fairly simple. First, you choose your container. Container options include styrofoam boxes, styrofoam sheets, insulated box liners, and air-filled insulation liners. Each has its own set of benefits and setbacks that you can choose to fit your situation. After you find your container, you’ve got to keep it cold. This is often done through the use of dry ice and or gel packs. Both are great options that can safely keep your contents cold for a limited amount of time.

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When you are on vacation, food items often make unique and amazing gifts for anyone. After all, who doesn’t love food? One of the best, most beloved foods is chocolate. Previously, you could only really enjoy chocolates wherever you bought them since they would likely melt on the journey home or to your gift recipient. But, with modern mail services, you can ship chocolate nearly anywhere and know that it’s going to arrive pristine, unmelted, and sweet as ever.


Shipping perishable items can be a bit trickier than shipping traditional items that aren’t temperature sensitive, but it can definitely be done. Items that you find on vacation, like a fish you caught in the lake you’re excited to cook at home or delicious local cuisine you can’t find anywhere else, are great examples of situations where you’d want to ship perishable items home.

Frozen Food

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Find an ice cream vendor that sells the best ice cream you’ve ever had? Ship it back home to Santa Fe with a little help from Mail Call.


Flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful gift. If you want them to be as beautiful as they were the moment you got them, make sure to ship them with temperature control in mind.


Some people have medication that is only effective when it’s kept at a specific temperature. We can accommodate situations like these where you need a safe, temperature-controlled place to receive your medication.

Mail Call Santa Fe

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