At Mail Call in Santa Fe, we are a local pack and ship store that helps you send items back home when you’re visiting, provide mailbox rental services, and more! With our mailbox rental services, there are a few common myths and misconceptions we hear that can sometimes turn people away from using a mailbox rental. In today’s blog at Mail Call, we dive into some of these myths and talk about whether they hold up. 


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A Mailbox Rental is a P.O. Box

One common misconception about mail services is that all mailbox rentals are P.O. boxes. While you can set up similar services through the post office with a P.O. box address, our mailbox rentals at Mail Call are all physical addresses. This means that you can set up a physical, non-P.O. box address to receive your mail at. Our mail services in Santa Fe also allow you to send mail from a physical address that is associated with your mailbox rental. That way there is no confusion, adapting, or creative problem solving like their might be with a traditional P.O. box. You can set up mailbox services at Mail Call in Santa Fe for both personal and business addresses.

You Can’t Access Your Mailbox Rental Whenever

Another misconception we hear from time to time at Mail Call in Santa Fe has to do with availability. Some people are worried that if they use mailbox rentals rather than a traditional mailbox that they won’t have the same unlimited access to their mail whenever they need it. With packages, you will have come in during normal store hours in order to pick up a package. But, with parcels and other mail, you have 24-hour secure access to your mailbox. You will be provided a personal entry code in order to access your mail. There is also 24-hour surveillance, so you can rest assured your mail is going to be safe and secure — even more so than with other mail services. 

A Mailbox Rental Isn’t As Good As a Traditional Mailbox

For some odd reason, many people have the misconception that mailbox rentals are not nearly as good as having a traditional mailbox. Perhaps they’ve worked with other, less impressive mail services in the past or have just heard rumors and myths about mailbox rentals. But at Mail Call in Santa Fe, we believe that mailbox rental service can actually be better than traditional mailboxes in many circumstances. For example, when you use our mail services at Mail Call, you’ll get complimentary: 

  • A physical, non-P.O. box address
  • 24-hour access to your parcels and mail
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance and security
  • Mail forwarding
  • Refrigerator and freezer storage for packages when necessary
  • Text message and email notifications when you’ve received a package
  • And more!

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A Mailbox Rental is Expensive

While this is certainly going to differ depending on what pack and ship store or post office you work with. But, in general, we’ve found that mailbox rentals are actually very affordable. Our mail services at Mail Call are as follows: 

  • Small Mailbox Rental: $19 Monthly
  • Medium Mailbox Rental: $21 Monthly
  • Large Mailbox Rental: $25 Monthly

We also offer varying rental terms from one month all the way to one year. If you choose the one-year term, you qualify for special savings. Please note that upon startup, three months need to be paid in advance along with a one-time $10 startup cost.

A Mailbox Rental Can Only Receive Mail Locally

The last mail services myth we cover in today’s blog is that mailboxes that are rented can only receive mail locally. We’re not sure where this came from, but it is very much false. When you set up mailbox rentals at Mail Call in Santa Fe, you are eligible to send and receive mail and packages from anywhere in the world. So you can get local mail, national mail, and even international mail services when you set up a mailbox rental.

Mail Call Santa Fe

We hope that we have been able to shed a little light on the fact and fiction of mailbox rentals! Mailbox rentals at Mail Call in Santa Fe are simple, convenient, and come with tons of perks. If you are ready to start your mailbox services, contact us today!