How to Package Fragile Items mail call santa fe

Whether you are shipping a clay figurine you made a friend for their birthday, an heirloom that you are passing down, a wine bottle you brought back from Italy, or any other fragile item, the last thing you want is for it to break while shipping.

Mail Call is a local mail and shipping company in Santa Fe that has been serving this community since 1979. Our passion is to help residents and business owners with their packing and shipping needs, from domestic to international shipping. We also offer 24-hour mailbox rentals, offering a safe place to receive mail. Below, we’ll go over the steps on how to package fragile items so you can ensure they arrive safe and sound at their intended destination. Contact our mail and shipping company to get started today!


Choose the Correct Size Box

Choosing the right size of box is one of the most important steps in packaging fragile items. You want one that is slightly bigger than your item so that it won’t shift around. Aim for two inches of extra space on each side. You also want the box to be in good condition, not one that is half falling apart.

Cushion Your Item

Fragile objects break in shipping most often due to the object being banged around. You’ll want to wrap your item in a lot of cushiony material. Bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, and other fillers work quite well. If your item has a hole or opening, be sure to fill that with cushiony material as well. You can use tape to ensure your item’s packaging does not move, too, by taping the packaging material to the item.

Pack and Ship Fragile Items Individually

Another frequent cause of breakage of fragile items in packing and shipping is having multiple fragile items in one box. First, this offers each object more room to move. Secondly, you are giving each object room to strike the other object, increasing the odds that it will break. If you want your fragile items to arrive unbroken, use more than one box if necessary, still using a lot of padding to help ensure as little movement as possible.

Seal Your Box Tightly

It is quite common for people to fail to tape their box securely. They either use too little tape, or the tape is of low quality. Thus, during transport, the item can be tossed out of the packaging. This can lead to your item ending up who knows where and/or broken. The best way to seal your package is with an “H” shape by taping down the middle and then on each edge. When you get packages in the mail from a professional mail service, this is how they are taped, so examine those for tips and tricks.

Label As Fragile

By labeling your object as fragile, you are letting everyone who touches your mail package know to treat the item and box with care. While this still doesn’t guarantee an unbroken item, it helps mail personnel to be extra careful with your package and not sling it around like other packages. This will ensure you’ve done everything you can so that your package arrives intact.


Mail Call in Santa Fe has been in the packing and shipping business for over 40 years. Our team offers large package shipping, mailbox services, and custom packaging to meet your needs. We understand that you want your fragile items to reach their destination unscathed. We can help you choose the shipping box, the packaging, and help you seal it for the best chance of arriving in pristine condition. If you are a visitor to beautiful Sante Fe, we can help you ship your purchased items back home so that they arrive safely.

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