One of the mail services that Santa Fe locals utilize the most is our 21st-century mailbox rental services. Though traditional mail services may seem dated, they still play a critical role in our society. In today’s blog, our team at Mail Call discusses how our mailbox rentals work for those of you unsure about the process or considering a mailbox rental at Mail Call Santa Fe. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today to get started!


For the initial set up of your mailbox rental mail services, you and any other adults who wish to receive mail here must bring two forms of I.D. One of which must be a photo I.D. like a state-issued driver’s license, State I.D. card, or a passport. Other acceptable forms of secondary I.D. include:

  • Military, government, university, or corporate ID
  • Alien registration cards and certificates of naturalization
  • Current lease, mortgage, deeds, or trusts
  • Voter ID cards
  • Vehicle registration cards
  • Insurance policies (home, health, auto, etc.)

Please note that there are a few different forms of I.D. that we can not accept. These include:

  • Credit cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Social security cards

Once you’ve gathered the two forms of I.D. for each adult involved in the mailbox rental, come visit us at Mail Call, and our friendly staff would be more than happy to walk you through the initial steps.

Select Your Size and Term

After you’ve provided your I.D. and been walked through the initial paperwork, you have some decisions to make regarding your mail services. We offer three different sizes and four different term-lengths. Mail Call Santa Fe offers small, medium, and large mailbox rentals to meet all your mail service needs. Whether only one person needs to receive a few parcels here and there or your business needs a mailbox rental where you can get all your mail, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, the four different mail service terms we offer are one month, three months, six months, and one year. We recognize that everybody has different needs. Some may only need a temporary mailbox rental and only need something for a month or so where others are looking for a more long-term solution. It’s worth noting that should you choose a one-year rental period, you will receive a monthly discount on your mailing services!

Receiving Mail

At this point, you’re all set up and ready to receive mail at your new mailbox rental. You’ll have 24-hour, secure access to your parcels. And, any packages you receive will be kept safe until you are able to come pick them up during businesses hours. You can even receive packages that are temperature sensitive!

Mail Call Santa Fe

Thanks for reading today’s blog at Mail Call in Santa Fe. We hope that it has been useful in helping you understand our mailbox rental services! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more or for help with any mail services.