As a local shipping and mail service company based in Santa Fe, we have proudly been serving our amazing customers for more than 35 years, shipping and delivering their belongings safely and securely to their destinations. We can ship a whole array of items anywhere in the world, but keep reading to learn about a few of the most popular items we can ship.

Most Popular Items Mail Call Ships infographic

Unique Souvenirs someone bought and wants to ship it back home!

Unique Souvenirs

All of us want to take a part of our vacation back to our homes in a physical form. Be it a cultural, emotional, or abstract piece, souvenirs and mementos give you something to remember your trip by. While you can carry small things on your flight back home with you, a large souvenir, such as a framed piece of art or a sculpture, can be difficult to carry on a plane. Mail Call is here to ship all your souvenirs safely and securely to your home.

a woman looking at an art piece while being on vacation

Custom Art Boxes

Every piece of art needs to be packed, shipped, and delivered with the utmost care. At Mail Call, we can ship custom art boxes of all sizes to your desired destination containing paintings, photographs, framed prints, and so much more. We have all the packing materials to ship your custom art box securely and professionally so you won’t have to worry about your item being damaged in transit.

a lovely bouquet

A Token of Love Gift

Gifts are one of the many ways to express your love to your dear ones. Whether it’s during the festive holiday season, a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, or just a love token, Mail Call is happy to send your gift safely to your loved ones.

picture of computer parts

Special Items

Sending abnormally large items or things that need temperature control may seem like a challenge, however, with Mail Call, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities. We specialize in shipping all types of specialty items to get them safely where they need to go.

Whether you’re visiting Santa Fe and you need to ship souvenirs home, or you have special items that need extra care when shipping, Mail Call is here to help you! Explore our services online, and contact us today to experience top-notch shipping and mail services in Santa Fe.