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Everyone likes receiving gifts, especially when they are unexpected. It brings them joy and puts a smile on their face. Mail Call is a local packing and shipping company in Santa Fe. We offer a variety of mail services to meet your needs. Below, we’ll go over four reasons to send a gift to a loved one. Stop by today!


4 Reasons to Send a Loved One a Gift infographic


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It Shows You Care

When you send a gift to a loved one, it shows you care. Oftentimes, it can be easy to take our loved ones for granted, and we assume they will always be there. However, when you send a gift, they have a tangible object that lets them know you care.

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It Will Make Them Feel Special

Sending gifts makes the receiver feel special. Think of how you feel when you open a present that you were not expecting. It can lift your spirits and be an affirmation that you are loved and cherished.

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It May be Just What They Wanted/Needed

When you send your loved one a gift that they’ve been wanting or one they need, you’ll light up their day. Not only will they be grateful for your gift, but they will also have something they need, which saves them from having to get the item themselves.

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Mail Call Makes it Easy

At Mail Call in Santa Fe, we make packing and shipping easy. We have all of the packing materials right in our store for you to use, including the right size boxes and padding. And we ship through all the major carriers, so you can rest assured your loved one’s package will arrive on time.

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Mail Call has been serving the people of Sante Fe with superior packing and shipping services since 1979. We offer private mailboxes and vacation mail services. Our friendly team can’t wait to help you brighten someone’s day with mailed gifts or other services. Stop by today!

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